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Sod Wilmington NC Installation Service

Laying Out Freshly Cut Sod

Sod Installation Provides Instant Gratification

Any homeowner who has had to painstakingly watch grass slowly grow in to fill the barren patches of lifeless dirt around their home will appreciate the convenience of sod. While there are many benefits to seeding, it is not always a feasible option. There is a limited window of time each year during which grass seeds can be sown, and it can take a full season for the grass to mature and establish itself enough for even light foot traffic. In some cases, this can pose a problem. Not every homeowner is willing to wait months for a beautiful lawn. Sod installation provides instant gratification for those who are eager to enjoy a luscious green lawn in the shortest amount of time possible. It can provide homeowners with the appearance of a full, finished lawn immediately, and is often ready for normal traffic in as little as two to three weeks. At Lawn Care Wilmington NC, we offer professional sod installation services to help ensure that your new lawn will thrive and flourish for many years to come. We will assist you in choosing the right type of grass to match the growing conditions on your property for optimal results.

Benefits of Sod

Whether you are seeking to cover up bare soil following new construction or have an existing lawn in dire need of repair, our sod installation service is a great option for you. Sod consists of matured grass over a layer of soil. It has been grown in advance and is ready for installation anywhere on your property that is amenable to plant life. It can deliver instantaneous results without many of the hassles and inconveniences that typically come with seeding. One of the key benefits of sod is that you will be able to reap the benefits of a plush lawn almost right away. You will not have to spend months staring at a patchy yard or worrying about invasive weeds outcompeting your grass. Our company provides sod installations throughout the growing season, which means you do not have to wait for a specific window of time during the year to start establishing your lawn. This can be advantageous in cases where it is necessary to renovate a lawn right away. For example, if you are planning to list your home or have an important event coming up, it may be desirable to have a finished lawn by a certain date. Sod is able to establish quickly, which means that it can begin to handle normal foot traffic shortly after installation.

Cost of Installation

The upfront cost for professional sod installation is higher than that for seeding. This can be an important factor to take into consideration when determining the best way to establish your new lawn. For a free sod installation estimate, feel free to contact us. At Lawn Care Wilmington NC, we strive to offer the highest quality lawn care services at the best prices to our customers.

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