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Yard Clean Up Wilmington NC

Large Pile Of raked Leaves Ready For Yard Clean Up

Get Help Cleaning Up Your Yard

Going through and cleaning up your yard once every few months can do wonders for its appearance and condition over the long term. Debris such litter, fallen leaves, and dog feces may cause unwanted issues such as decay, brown spots, and weed growth which will harm the health of your lawn and landscaping. Tidying up your yard during the spring and again in the autumn helps to protect your lawn, flowerbeds, and shrubs from damage, and keeps your property looking neat and presentable. For professional assistance with your yard cleanup, you can contact Lawn Care Wilmington NC. Our company is here to help make caring for your landscaping as easy and convenient as possible. As a busy homeowner, we understand that you do not always have the time and energy to attend to the tedious task of cleaning up your yard from season to season. That is why we offer reliable and affordable lawn care services to ensure that your yard is always neat and tidy.

Spring Cleaning

A harsh winter can impact your property in a number of ways. It is not always easy to see exactly how much damage has been done until the snow melts away. As the weather starts to warm up, you may start to see disheveled flowerbeds, dead foliage, and debris scattered across the lawn emerging from the snow and ice. It is important to clean up your yard once spring arrives to prepare for the surge of new growth that is on its way. Proper spring yard cleanup will ensure that your lawn and landscaping are able to flourish following a dormant winter. Our company can assist with:

  • Lawn debris removal (both organic yard waste and trash)
  • Flowerbed edging and mulch replacement
  • Tree and shrub trimming to eliminate dead foliage
  • Weed control
  • Reseeding

We offer a number of different yard cleanup packages to suit your specific needs. Please inquire if you would like more information about our services. We will help address any problems or concerns you may have in order to get your yard ready for the new growing season including pine straw installation.

Fall Leaf Removal

As autumn arrives, the trees and shrubs on your property will start to shed their leaves in preparation for the long, cold winter season. While the vibrant red, orange, and yellow foliage can be a beautiful sight to behold, the fallen leaves that accumulate on your lawn can pose a serious threat to its health and vitality. Leaves and other debris block sunlight from reaching your lawn and prevent proper evaporation, which can promote mold and fungus growth, decay, and other problems that will be difficult and expensive to deal with once spring returns. It is a good idea to remove any fallen leaves from your property in a timely manner to ensure the health of your lawn and flowerbeds are not adversely affected. Keeping up with leaf removal can be tiring, which is why our company offers affordable yard cleanup services to Wilmington NC residents to make sure they have the assistance needed to maintain a tidy yard.

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